My four-year-old son love Legos, which is great because I absolutely love Legos as well, so we manage to have some quality time building stuff together.

But today, I noticed that he had lost the pieces for a police car, and that upset him. The thing about Legos is that when you lose some standard piece, it does not matter that much since you can easily replace it with others. But on the other hand, for speciality packs, there are some key pieces that are unique. And if you lose those, you cannot really build the thing.

It turns out he lost a key piece.

I think it’s very much like having a profitable business. There are many components that make up a good business, but there are key pieces that actually make it profitable.

These are:

  1. The right mindset
  2. The right market
  3. The right offer
  4. The right pricing
  5. The right messaging
  6. The right marketing channels
  7. The right people

If one of these is slightly off, you’ll struggle a lot to make it work by trying to fit other pieces in place.

But if they all align perfectly, you’ll have a business that is as close to perfect as possible.

That’s why I build my Service Business Blueprint around these key components. And, if you want to grow your business, I highly recommend you check it out. Plus, it’s free.

To get it, go to


Umar is the co-founder of ArcheTrust, a marketing agency dedicated to helping small businesses make more money so that the owners can finally live the lives of their dream. He is also the co-founder of the Simple Growth Magazine where he regularly shares his knowledge and opinion about growth strategies. Having started as a freelancer over a decade ago, he's been through most of the challenges that small businesses face, and today he uses his experience to help others avoid the pain that he went through.

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