Grow Your Business With A Data-Driven Messaging Strategy

Every feel like a brand actually 'gets' you?

You read their website copy and it sounds like the company is speaking to you - akin to having a conversation with a friend.

The way they write feels authentic.

The promises they make feel trustworthy.

But most important of all, you feel like that brand really understand your problem and how to solve it.

The reason you felt that way is because the company has a fantastic Message Strategy.

And they used it to guide every piece of marketing collateral that reaches the eye of their ideal client - you.

"What is a message strategy, really?"

Think about it like brand design guidelines, but the copywriting version of that.

A complete messaging strategy guides your marketing by outlining 3 things:

#1 - Your value proposition.

Why should prospects choose your business over your competitors. A message strategy helps you uncover your key differentiator, articulate it in a manner that is relatable to your ideal clients. That way you can better position your company in the most competitive markets.

#2 - Your messaging hierarchy.

This details what your brand should say and when to say it. It is essential for capturing the attention of your ideal client, followed building trust and authority. A messaging hierarchy helps you answer tricky marketing questions like "should our landing page focus on saving time or saving money?'

#3 - Your compelling offer.

This maps out what the most compelling offer would be in order to move ideal clients to the next stage of their sales process - from visitors, to email subscribers to enquiry booking.

How we create Message Strategies that work:

#1 - We analyse you & your competitors.

We learn everything we possibly can about your company. And then we dig into what your competitors are doing. What type of ‘voice’ do they use? Which messages do they repeat? All this digging helps us figure out how to get your brand noticed by the perfect prospects.

#2 - We do heaps of customer research.

We conduct interviews and mine data in forums or review websites to uncover what’s going to resonate with your customers. The language they use and the topics they talk about become the basis of your messaging strategy.

3 - We make your brand awesomer.

All that research gets compiled, analyzed and organized into a single document that outlines our recommended strategy. We’ll use it as our roadmap as we write web copy for you or develop tone of voice guidelines

We boost your brand in 3 different ways:

Message Strategy ($4K)

Get a value proposition that stands out to your best prospects. We nail down what really makes your offer unique and highly desirable to your audience -- and then craft an in-depth message strategy that’ll earn you legions of drooling fans. Includes research & voice guidelines.

Message Strategy & Referral Kit ($7)

Build a referral kit that makes it easier for your network to refer you ideal clients. This sign-up page serves as a digital brochure that guides your network on how to educate your potential client. It hooks their attention, builds up authority and trust before providing them with a compelling reason to meet you for an appointment.

Message Strategy + Web Copywriting ($12-25K)

The whole sha-bang. You get a killer voice developed, a value proposition built and a complete message strategy crafted. Plus, we’ll re-write the copy for your website so it’s optimised for engagement & conversions.

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