Scale Your Business By Targeting Ideal Clients Outside Your Network

Aren't referrals great?

Clients and partners recommend your business to their network because you have a track record of delivering great work.

That is what most businesses rely on to keep the lights on.

But being more ambitious than most, you are looking to move beyond referrals.

Here are few reasons why:

#1 - You want control over growth.

When it comes to referrals, you are outsourcing the burden of prospecting to your network. Most of the time, they refer out of goodwill (and sometimes, commissions).

The act of goodwill comes at a price - loss of control.

Let's say you plan to scale up.

Your network is not obligated to send you more business just because you adjusted your priorities. After all, they are doing it out of goodwill.

Therefore there is a limit to how much you can forecast growth.

In some cases, you might experience 'feast & famine' cycles.

One month you are flat out with incoming work and end up working 60-80 hours per week. The next you are stressing over where the next sale is coming from.

This does not provide you with the peace of mind to hire new talent or take time off (after all, weekends and vacations would be nice).

#2 - You want to stop trading time for money.

How much is your time worth?

In order to drum up new business, chances are you spend time at networking events, coffee meetings and social media groups.

While it provides business opportunities, it is highly time-intensive.

You quickly run out of hours in a week to both sell and deliver. That's not good because...

As the CEO of your company, you need the mental space to innovate 'ahead of the curve' and make strategic decisions.

If you are constantly busy networking out of necessity (not because you enjoy it), it's going to drain your morale and health.

But more importantly, who is going to steer the business?

#3 - You are selective about who your ideal clients are

You know that not all clients are made equal.

While amateurs scramble to get ANY client, you know that the wrong clients can disrupt your processes and reputation within the marketplace, while being less profitable.

Instead you are highly selective, select prospects who fit a specific criteria.

Unfortunately your network is unable to supply you with a consistent stream of ideal clients.

Therefore you face a dilemma:

Either you accept "less than ideal" clients to keep the business afloat...

OR you diversify with lead generation channels that give you with abundance of leads... so that you gain the power to choose who you do business with.

Bottom line: An effective client acquisition campaign helps you generate predictable and scalable growth, while you get freed up as the CEO of your business.

How we create "Client Acquisition" Campaigns that work:

1 - We analyse you & your competitors.

We learn everything we possibly can about your company. And then we dig into what your competitors are doing. What type of ‘voice’ do they use? Which messages do they repeat? All this digging helps us figure out how to get your brand noticed by the perfect prospects.

2 - We do heaps of customer research.

We conduct interviews and mine data in forums or review websites to uncover what’s going to resonate with your customers. The language they use and the topics they talk about become the basis of your messaging strategy.

3 - We launch and test using our scientific approach

After defining the message and offer, we find the advertising platform that best suits your demographics. Then we hit publish and observe how your audience is responding to the ad. Based on the data collected, we optimise it so that you get the lowest cost per lead possible

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