Most businesses have crappy messaging.

Yours might too.

Sorry to be so direct, but it's true (and it's my way).

If you're reading this, you probably agree.

It might be you if you see less-than-desirable sales conversions and painstakingly long sales cycles.

Prospects don’t understand your offer, therefore it's not a priority for them to take action. Therefore they forget about you and not get the help they need.

Worse yet, competitors with inferior offers are beating the pants off you.

Why does this happen?

Simple: you’re saying the wrong things (and maybe to the wrong people at the wrong time). And the reason is you don’t know your customer quite well enough.

If you did, you’d nail your messaging and see higher conversion rates, positive sales trends, and a faster sales cycles. Your leads and sales would go up, and you’d be asking yourself how to manage growth instead of how to grow.

That’s why Simple Growth is 100% focused on conversions and sales. We do the nerdy, hard, and in-depth research that other agencies don’t because we know it’s the only thing that actually works. Our only goal is to get measurable results for you.

We have backgrounds in marketing, sales, arts, and sciences. That means we understand data, people, and the effective marketing and sales strategies that drive it all.

Hello, I'm Bin.  

Here's my story...

I started my journey as a social media consultant.

Helping businesses grow their brand presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

One day, I hit a realisation...

There were a lot of educators in the digital marketing space who give out strategies that sound great in theory, but fail to produce real tangible business results in practice. 

For instance...

"You should have active social media accounts so that prospects will trust you"

"​Publish lots of content so that Google will rank you higher"

So I struck out to find the truth...

Launching a series of marketing experiments to "stress-test" strategies in various industries. Often times, I would put my own money on the line.

Facebook ads, email marketing, LinkedIn outreach, referral partnerships (you name it, I probably did it).

And I failed spectacularly!

At the beginning, I would spend days trying to build sales funnels and outreach campaigns, but people wouldn't respond. Or I would generate leads who weren't a good fit for my service.

I was frustrated. I started blaming the platforms ("People just aren't active on LinkedIn") and the industries ("B2B decision makers just aren't on social media").

The temptation to quit was high.

Then, an epiphany struck.

I was working on an ad campaign targeting financial planners.

This time I went the extra mile to interview my ideal clients, allowing me to dial in on the message and offer.

We launched and waited...BOOM! Within a few hours, we got 9 leads registered.

By the end of the campaign, we had 101 leads, 20 conversations and 5 sales.

Maybe that's a fluke, I thought.

So we launched a separate campaign to the architecture industry.

Using the same process documented earlier, we dialled in on the message and offer.

Then we launched...

and waited...

Again.. we got 153 leads at the cost of $1,534.23.

This time we captured 43 conversations and 10 sales.

The lesson?

Most experts would boast about how their "proven" 5-step marketing system would help you making a bazillion dollars.

That sounds great, until you try it.

You are using the same platform, and the same process. Yet you aren't getting the same results.

So what's the missing ingredient?

The Right Message & Offer.

Since then, we have used this method to help our clients get results across a variety of B2B and B2C industries.

Here's what happens when you get it nailed...

You launch marketing campaigns that bring in ideal clients on a predictable and scalable basis.

You are no longer just limited to chasing for referrals.

And your network is primed to send you the "right" type of clients.

Ideal clients are willing to pay you a premium, this increases your profit margins.

You have the resources to increase your time freedom with support staff and equipment.

The end result?

More profits, time and freedom to build your legacy.

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